Standing Rules

Henry M. Jackson High PTSA adopts the following standing rules in conjunction, but not in conflict, with the Washington State PTA Uniform Bylaws.

General Information

1. The name of the Association is the Henry M. Jackson High PTSA 7.3.95. It was chartered on September 16, 1994. Its National PTA ID# is 00032512. Henry M. Jackson High School is in Mill Creek, WA.
2. This PTSA serves the students, families, staff, and community of Henry M. Jackson High School.
3. This PTSA was incorporated on January 10, 1995 and assigned UBI# 601-612-573. The treasurer is responsible for filing the annual corporation report. The Employer Identification Number (EIN) is available in the legal documents notebook.
4. This PTSA will comply with the Washington Charitable Solicitations Act through registering if required or by using the optional registration process if registration is not required. The treasurer is responsible for determining whether registration is required and for filing the annual renewal by May 31st to avoid penalties.
5. This PTSA was granted tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue code on January 15, 1996. A copy of its determination letter is available from the treasurer.
6. The treasurer is responsible for filing the appropriate Federal tax return Form 990, Form 990 EZ or Form 990-N prior to November 15th. Copies of the current and past years’ returns are in the legal documents notebook.
7. This PTSA has designated the Washington State PTA as its registered agent with the Washington Secretary of State’s office, the Washington Department of Revenue, and the United States Internal Revenue Service.
8. Per the Washington State PTA Uniform Bylaws, we will annually review, complete, and sign the WSPTA standards of affiliation agreement (SOA).

Membership & Dues

9. This PTSA will conduct an annual membership campaign. Membership shall be available throughout the year.
10. Membership at this PTSA shall be open to all people without discrimination. Membership is open to all parents, teachers, staff, grandparents, guardians, students, community members and any other persons that support and encourage the purpose of PTA. All students of Henry M. Jackson HS are recognized as honorary members (they have a voice but no vote). Any student paying membership dues shall be entitled to a voice and a vote. Students who are eighteen years of age or older may hold elected positions.
11. The membership service fees shall be $16.00 per individual, $26.00 per couple, $8.50 per student and $12.00 per staff with $5.75 going to WSPTA, $2.25 going to National PTA, and $0.50 going to Everett PTSA Council 7.3.

Officer, Board Directors, & Elections

12. The elected officers of this PTSA shall be president, vice president fundraising, vice president membership, secretary and treasurer. This group of elected officers makes up the executive committee.
13. The offices of president, vice president and secretary may be shared, in which case they shall be referred to as copresidents, co-Vice presidents and co-secretary. co-treasurer is not allowed. Nominees for elected positions must be a paid member of a PTA for at least 15 days prior to election.
14. The election of officers should be completed by April 30th and should comply with the Washington State PTA uniform bylaws.
15. Each officer shall maintain a procedure notebook to be handed over to the incoming officer by June 30th end of term except for the treasurer who will hand over the notebook by July 31st.
16. Per the Washington State PTA Uniform Bylaws, our PTSA will make sure that each executive committee member attends a minimum of one WSPTA-approved training opportunity during the current PTA year. Further, at least one member of the executive committee will attend PTA and the Law during the current PTA year.
17. The Board of Directors of this PTSA shall consist of the elected officers and the chairs of the following committees:
1. advocacy
2. newsletter
3. staff appreciation
4. website
5. volunteer
6. senior scholarships
*principal and/or vice principal may serve as ex-officio members of the board of directors.
18. The Nominating Committee shall be elected per the Washington State PTA uniform bylaws.


19. Membership meetings shall be held at least three times during the year to cover the following business:
• to approve the budget
• to approve the standing rules
• to elect a nominating committee
• to elect officers for the incoming year
20. Quorum at membership meetings shall be 10 members. Quorum at Board of Director meetings shall be a majority of the board of directors.
21. The board of directors shall meet on a regular basis, agreeable to a majority of the current board members. All elected officers and appointed chairs shall have voice and vote at board meetings. Co-chairs shall be granted individual voice and share one vote. Any board of director member who is absent from three consecutive Board meetings, and who is not excused by the president(s), shall automatically forfeit his/her voting privileges.
22. The order of business for meetings will be determined by the president, based on the business at hand.

Budget & Finance

23. A budget for the upcoming year shall be approved by the membership prior to the end of the fiscal year (no later than June 30th of each year). The budget committee shall consist of at least the incoming and outgoing Presidents, Treasurers, and the VP(s) of Fundraising.
24. The Board of Directors has authority to reallocate up to $1,000.00 budgeted for one purpose to another purpose.
25. Legal document notebooks shall be maintained and held by the Treasurer, President and Secretary.
26. It is recommended that the PTA conduct a financial review of its books and records in January of each year in addition to the required financial review at the close of the fiscal year. A financial review committee, minimum of three (3) members appointed by the President, will review the financial books at least once a year, with a mid-year and year-end review being the recommended best practice. Members of this committee shall not include the Treasurer or any person authorized to sign on the PTSA bank accounts for the period that is being reviewed or any individuals living in their households.
27. The PTSA shall establish one or more accounts in financial institutions as determined by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall determine which officers shall have signing authority on the PTA bank account. The signatures of two elected officers shall be required on all checks.
28. Use of a debit card, credit card, ATM card and online banking to disburse funds is not permitted.
29. The PTSA shall maintain a separate reserve account with a minimum amount of $2,000.00.
30. All reimbursement requests shall include a receipt and shall be submitted to the Treasurer along with the JHS PTSA Reimbursement Request Form. All requests for reimbursement must be received by June 15th or will be considered a donation to the PTSA.
31. All funds collected must be submitted to the Treasurer along with the JHS PTSA Money Tally Form and be double counted by 2 paid PTSA members, whereby, the Treasurer will issue a receipt.
32. Should the PTSA receive a NSF check, a charge will be assessed in the amount of any bank penalties the PTSA may accrue. If the NSF check or checks are not paid for by June 1st then the PTSA will have the option to not accept any checks from this individual in the future.
33. The PTSA’s monthly bank account statements shall be provided unopened to a person appointed by the Board of Directors. Such person will be appointed at the beginning of the fiscal year and shall not be a signer on the account. The reviewer shall promptly report any concerns or discrepancies identified in the review to the Executive Committee. If there are no concerns or apparent discrepancies, the reviewer shall initial and date the account statements and provide them to the treasurer within one week of receipt
34. The PTSA will not enter into contracts and financial obligations extending beyond the fiscal year (July 1-June 30) except as approved by the membership. All contracts will be signed by two elected officers.


35. All committee chairs shall be JHS PTSA members for the year they serve.
36. Golden acorn and/ or Outstanding Educator and/ or Outstanding Advocate award(s) and/or Outstanding Student Advocate, Honorary Life Membership shall be offered annually. The awards committee shall include former award recipients.
37. All committee chairs shall maintain procedure information to be handed over to the incoming committee chair or the incoming president if an incoming committee chair has not been appointed by the end of their term.

Voting Delegates

38. Voting delegates to the Everett PTSA Council shall be at least 1 authorized delegate up to a maximum of three (3).
39. This PTSA will send as many voting delegates and as many attending members to the WSPTA convention as the budgeted amount can support. All voting delegates for the WSPTA convention shall be selected by the Board of Directors. The budget may reimburse registration, hotel, parking, and meals as determined prior to event.
40. This PTSA will send as many voting delegates and as many attending members to the WSPTA Legislative Assembly that the budgeted amount can support. The budget may reimburse for registration, hotel, parking, and meals as determined prior to event. The advocacy chair will be one of the voting delegates.


41. The president and Treasurer will maintain all online login and password information.