About Our PTSA

The Jackson High PTSA is made up of a group of parent volunteers who graciously donate their time in a variety of different ways to support our mission to provide programs and services that will enhance the learning environment. We ensure our school and classrooms are equipped for both teaching and learning, and work closely with our school principal to best determine how and where PTSA can help.  No matter what program, service, or event our PTSA is sponsoring, it will ultimately benefit our students and staff! We typically meet once a month for either a general membership meeting or a board meeting. All of our meeting dates will be posted on our calendar.

The programs our PTSA organizes and the funds we raise are entirely made possible by your monetary donations. Just as important, is the donation of your gift of time to the school.  Many of the events we produce are not possible without parent participation.

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Check it out! You can purchase a PTSA membership or make a donation to our PTSA that will help support things like staff grants and student scholarships. Click HERE to be taken to our store!

2021-2022 Executive Committee

President: moc.l1627760499iamg@1627760499tnedi1627760499serpa1627760499stpsh1627760499j1627760499

Alisha Crawley-Davis and Heather Morgan

Co-VPs of Fundraising: moc.l1627760499iamg@1627760499gnisi1627760499ardnu1627760499fastp1627760499shj1627760499

Katie Stark and Megan Swander

VP Membership: moc.l1627760499iamg@1627760499spihs1627760499rebme1627760499mastp1627760499shj1627760499

Beenish Iqbal

Treasurer: moc.l1627760499iamg@1627760499rerus1627760499aerta1627760499stpsh1627760499j1627760499

Michelle Thomas

Secretary: moc.l1627760499iamg@16277604992yrat1627760499erces1627760499astps1627760499hj1627760499

Valerie Ungren


2021-2022 Additional Board of Directors


Michelle Nims



Senior Scholarships: 


Staff Appreciation: moc.l1627760499iamg@1627760499hcnul1627760499ffats1627760499astps1627760499hj1627760499

Joanna Ghosh

Volunteer Coordinator:

Yvette Charbeneau


Lauren Pulfer


2021-2022 Committee Chairs

Social Media: moc.e1627760499m@kra1627760499tseit1627760499ak1627760499

Katie Stark

Reflections: moc.l1627760499iamg@1627760499snoit1627760499celfe1627760499rastp1627760499shj1627760499

Larissa Pfeifer

Senior Scholarship Committee:


Nominating Committee:


Financial Review Committee:


Staff and Classroom Grants Committee:


Individual Awards Committee: (Golden Acorn/Outstanding Educator/Outstanding Advocate/Outstanding Student Advocate)